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The Drifters Girl - They were the Drifters. She was the boss. This is their story.

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Thursday, 4 November 2021

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The Drifters Girl

The Drifters formed in 1953. Through the years the band split into many splinter groups. They still perform to this day, despite having gone through at least 60 singers across the years. Their hits include There Goes My Baby, This Magic Moment, Under the Boardwalk, Save the Last Dance for Me, Up on the Roof and Come on Over to My Place, and the legendary Ben E. King performed with the New Drifters for a while in the late '50s. Faye Treadwell was a remarkable woman. After the death of her husband George in 1967 she gained control of the soul vocal group, The Drifters, by buying out the original member Clyde McPhatter and her late husband's other business partners. Then she started a one-woman battle that lasted more than three decades, promoting the band she loved and determined to make them into a worldwide phenomenon.

Faye Treadwell took the Drifters to London in the 1970s. In 2006 she won a long, tough legal battle to keep control of the group’s trademark. She was based in the English capital for more than 30 years and loved London like it was her own. Now the dazzlingly cool British soul diva and West End legend Beverley Knight is set to play Faye Treadwell in a brand new musical that's stuffed full of glorious tunes from The Drifters, weaving the fascinating story of the band, their manager, and her colourful career. Come to the Garrick theatre and enjoy some of the world's most popular sweet soul music, along with a true story that'll have you on the edge of your seat.

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Young Couples:

Fantastic must see
Great show singing was amazing definitely recommend going
Samantha, 02 Oct 2022
Great Entertainment
Only dislike was the spinning disc, preshow and interval, on the curtain. The show started full on and kept it up all the way through. The cast were excellent, especially the young girl, and the lead lady. Told a good story along with the great Drifters foot tapping music.
DAVID, 29 Sep 2022
Very enjoyable show
Cherriel, 24 Sep 2022
A very entertaining show. My seat was fine.
Cherriel, 13 Sep 2022
A must see!
Fabulous Drifters Girl amazing, totally recommend every single minute of it!
Fiona, 06 Sep 2022
Wow what a show
Really good walk thro the Drifters hits with an interesting storyline,with comedy as well as awesome music
Michael, 02 Sep 2022
Loved it!
Beverly Knight wasn't there as advertised but it was really impressive and amazing! The story line was so well played. The voices were so strong and who knew The Drifters were managed by a formidable Black Woman!
Elohor, 02 Sep 2022
If you like the Drifters this is the show for you, second time at this wonderful show which definitely gives you that feel good factor.
Andrew, 01 Sep 2022
Factually correct
You must go it has a feel good feeling and everyone comes out smiling
kim, 31 Aug 2022
A must see for Drifters fans.
Great production, quality of performances from all of the cast outstanding.
FIONA, 31 Aug 2022
We didn’t know what to go and see last minute but I am so glad we picked this show
Very good, lovely memories hearing all the songs and you really want to get up and dance.
Josephine, 31 Aug 2022
Excellent show, have been several times. Going again with my friend next week.
Cherriel, 24 Aug 2022
Pure nostalgia
Great music and great night out. Would have been better if they sang a few hits at the end for everyone to sing along and dance to. Please remember to TURN OFF your phone, our evening was slightly spoilt by 2 idiots who insisted on recording and talking, fortunately staff removed them from show but it could have been done sooner.
Michelle, 21 Aug 2022
So much better than Expected
I'm not a great fan of 'Juke Box' Musicals but this was so much better than expected. I really did not know the story of The Drifters or Ray Treadwell just their music. The cast of 6 were exceptional and actors playing multi-characters worked really well. If you were a teenager of the 1960's/1970's it a must see. The average audience age was more 50-60 but my daughters in their 20's really enjoyed it.
Christina, 19 Aug 2022
Loved the music
Loved the show told the story of the Drifters very entertaining
Kim, 18 Aug 2022
Fantastic singing abd acting
The show was good but did not like the mem camping it up as women. Unnecessary and duscriminatory
Keithley, 17 Aug 2022
My second time of attending this show I had a brilliant time Cast, acting, music amazing Beverley Knight starred the first time
Christine, 14 Aug 2022
From start to finish the show is engaging, with talented performances, fabulous stage sets and is pure joy.
Linda, 30 Jul 2022
Fabulous from start to finish
Great music, good storyline that is easy to follow, well worth a trip to see
Sally, 28 Jul 2022
Must see
Absolutely fantastic show !
Jane, 28 Jul 2022
Gantastic show you can not help singing along with
Fantastic story that shows the difficulties in 50,s 60,s USA and in UK. All done in a musical wonderment a must see if you love the iconic music of the Drifters.
Edward, 28 Jul 2022
Great theatre night
I loved this show as I had no idea of the background story. It was excellent to follow. Songs were great and top class acting.
Patrice, 27 Jul 2022
Good show
Enjoyed the show, amazing voices, fab songs but generally felt a bit on the sidelines! Pity no real atmosphere in theatre with audience until end! Enjoyed it but not my favourite West End Show!
Mandy, 23 Jul 2022
Thoroughly enjoyable show.
We went to see the show, booking last minute seats. Not disappointed at all, seats were better than we hoped-for. The acting, singing and musicians were all fabulous. The theatre staff also did a good job looking after people, also pointing out things that shouldn't need saying to adults. Excellent show, would definitely recommend.
Alexander, 23 Jul 2022
Excellent show with really talented performers. All had incredible voices. Production is really slick with smooth staging/scenery changes and 4 male actors playing multiple roles seemlessly.
Fay, 14 Jul 2022
a must see for any drifters fan
The performers have the right type of voices for the songs and Beverely Knight certainly has a powerful voice. Each actor played multiple roles to perfection. It was a very enjoyable experience
June, 13 Jul 2022
Great entertainment throughout
Really enjoyed everything about the show - we thought Beverley Knight was fantastic and it was because she was the star that we wanted to see the show
duncan, 21 Jun 2022
What a delight, feel good show
My sister and I 58/60 grew up on Drifters music so was a real treat for us, our friend 40 had not, but of course knew numerous songs, staging was simple effective and clever,the few cast members worked so hard and showed their versatility. Fantastic singers and the star Beverley Knight, amazing, we all thoroughly enjoyed it, the whole show had a great feel good factor, just a joy to watch.
paula, 19 Jun 2022
Great entertainment
If you like Motown you’ll love this show.
Ian, 18 Jun 2022
A must see. Great show.
Funny, sad, good music, lovely little theatre.
Clifford, 18 Jun 2022
World class performance
The quality of the singing and dancing was superb, all performers were outstanding. Emotional journey, addresses discrimination issues of gender, race and sexuality.
Claire, 18 Jun 2022
Super show
Loved the show. The four guys were mesmerising. Went for my birthday and it did not disappoint. Love the drifters and they certainly did them justice
Maria, 10 Jun 2022
Excellent veratility from the 5 actors. The music was outstanding and not one weak voice amongst the 5.
David, 30 May 2022
Absolutely amazing
Absolutely amazing show I didn't stop smiling and singing all night I will definitely be going to see it again. The staff where amazing polite and very helpful as well. Brilliant experience.
John, 28 May 2022
True musical theatre. Powerful voices.
Marie, 26 May 2022
A must see
Amazing would see it again
Elaine, 23 May 2022
Feel good show and must see!
The story, singing and acting was awesome. The voices of all the cast was exceptional and moved me to tears. I was totally captivated throughout the show.
Yvonne, 22 May 2022
A must see!
Fabulous music and brilliant acting!
Jenny, 16 May 2022
Absolutely fabulous
Good story, good acting fabulous singing, what more could you ask for.
Ian, 13 May 2022
Blast from the past
Enjoyable show with great music, gave an insight to the history of the Drifters, bit disappointed that Beverley Knight didn’t perform but the show in general was great
Pat, 11 May 2022
A must see, not to be missed
Amazing voices. Lifts your mood , uplifting
Carole, 11 May 2022
Amazing fantastic wonderful ...just a few of the coments the actors are truly out of this world abd I am hoping to see them in more shows they are outstanding !!!!!!
This is a must see show from the moment you enter to the moment you leave so helpful and friendly.
Fran, 04 May 2022
This performance was superb. All the cast wonderful and sound even better than the Drifters! Fabulous singing. A must see
Catherine, 15 Apr 2022
Ticks all the boxes
Great acting, singing and dancing, with all the main Drifters hits you'd hope for backed by great musicians. Great entertainment for everyone.
Jim, 14 Apr 2022
Must see if u like that old sing song
I'm sorry but the show did stop 10 minutes in the show time and stop due to a false that happens behind scenes however it was stopped for at least 20 minutes so we was behind and late for our drinks afterwards
Bridget, 10 Apr 2022
Great music great vovals
Michael, 07 Apr 2022
Brilliant show !
I so enjoyed this. Show colorful vibrant musically excellent hopped and bopped the whole way through the show !
CELINE, 05 Apr 2022
What aShow
We did not know what to expect but the four male singers came on at the start and that was it what a performance and it continued with Beverly Knight what a voice , It's a show of all show geat music and brilliant singers - FABULOUS!!!!!
John, 28 Mar 2022
A must see
A well told story fantastic singing all the actors and actresses worked so hard it was wonderful I had a wonderful evening it will live me for a long time Awesome!!
Diana, 27 Mar 2022
Fantabulous show
Excellent show! All the singers were fantastic. Beverly Knight has the voice of a soul angel. You will not be disappointed we intend on going back again & again 👍
Sue, 17 Mar 2022
A great night ...
Beverley Knight outstanding...
Ian, 17 Mar 2022
Brilliant show…Beverley Knight is amazing The ‘Drifters’ are excellent - really enjoyed the show! Would have been nice to be able to sing songs at the end as an encore but that didn’t happen
Jane, 10 Mar 2022
Must see
Could have watched another hour
paul, 26 Feb 2022
Wow - what a show!
Superb Show, lyrically phenomenal, stage presence stupendous! Classic entertainment!
Alvin, 23 Feb 2022
Thoroughly enjoyable. The show was full of great vocals and the storyline was punched with humour. A great night out.
Alison, 23 Feb 2022
More humour needed.
I enjoyed the show. Some very talented actors. Humour gives the audience interacted, otherwise you’re being lectured to. Also, I would have enjoyed more hits from the group, it is after all the reason we were there, because of their hits.
Lindsay, 13 Feb 2022
Me and my partner thought the show was brilliant, excellent singers band was fantastic the lighting and stage art was spot on, would highly recommend anyone who fancys standing up and getting involved with the singing to go and watch this amazing show
Billy, 05 Feb 2022
Must see
Excellent vocals very strong cast
Barry, 19 Jan 2022
Great show with great songs
Booked at the last minute but thoroughly enjoyed the show from start to finish. Nostalgic to the end
Ronan, 10 Jan 2022
I didn't know much about the Drifters. A few songs at most. But now, my eyes are literally open to anything. I'd see it again..and possibly a third time too!
Jodie, 29 Dec 2021
Excellent evening.
Disappointed that the original cast could not perform due to Covid restrictions. Not told which actors were being replaced by understudies. Having said that the understudies were excellent.
Robert, 28 Dec 2021
This was one of the best shows we have seen in a long time, if you closed your eyes you would Think it was the drifters performing. Fabulous voices , great to hear the history of the group over the years. Would see it again tomorrow if I could. A fantastic show, well done .
Paul, 15 Dec 2021
Musicality amazing. Didn't want it to end
Every member of cast fantastic
Russell, 06 Dec 2021
A great musical
I did not know what to expect from the show, as the reviews had not been fantastic, but we were treated to an amazing show, full of great soul music. Everyone from Beverley Knight down to the young girl who played her daughter were incredible. The guys playing the Drifters were not only amazing singers , but were also versatile in their every changing acting roles. All in all, a great show which I would recommend to anyone
gary, 06 Dec 2021
Talented cast
I thoroughly enjoyed the Drifters Girl. I had not known the story of Faye Treadwell and the Drifters and it’s an interesting story. The production was cleverly set, excellent costuming, vibrant orchestration and most importantly a very talented cast! Beverley Knight has a fantastic voice and was fabulous in the role and the guys were equally strong. I loved them Highly recommend the show !!
Teresa, 24 Nov 2021
Reliving my teenage years
fast paced, outstanding performers, and a thoroughly enjoyable show. It brought back so many memories, the music, the dancing, the history. Loved it all.
Jacqueline, 18 Nov 2021
A vibrant fun night out .
A very entertaining and lively show by a small cast . Fabulous music and great dancing . An all round package, for a fun night out.
Penny, 13 Nov 2021
Fabulously Feel Good!
Wow what a show, Beverly Knight never disappoints and the guys that played "The Drifters" could really dance and truly captured the dance moves of the era. They also had the most fantastic voices. A magical experience from start to finish.
Trisha, 11 Nov 2021